The 4 Reasons For Water Retention & Reversal Tips!!!

The water retention is also named edema and is deposits of water in cavities and tissues and blood flow system too. This makes swollen feet, legs, ankles, hands and usually is seen in women especially pregnant. It also happens in people that are sedentary, those on meds for a long time and not working out is another reason for this.

1. Too much sodium

-A diet rich in salt and spices and not enough water is the main cause.

-Water expands cells by 20 times and salt is not the only item that is…salty! also, this means processed food, meat, condiments, canned veggies, pickles and more.

-Try the Himalayan or Celtic salt and remove table salt use.

2. Vitamin B6 deficit

-This vitamin makes water balance in the body and we must have enough of it.

-The Journal of Caring Sciences made a study where was shown that women who had PMS edema, improved this by having enough B6.

-This water-soluble vitamin needs other cofactors to work so eat whole foods; chicken, pistachios, potato with skin, tuna, lean beef, dry fruit, bananas, sunflower seeds.

3. Potassium deficit

-The potassium is another vital mineral for every cell and organ. It makes good water balance too.

-Eating salt and not enough good foods reduce the potassium inside us.

-This deficit makes cramps, spasms, weight gain and more.

-This mineral can reverse salt damage and stop edema.

-Eat fruits, rockmelon, watermelon, honey melon.

4. Dehydration

-If we lack water, the body retains excess water to survive and edema happens.

-Drink lots of water and have natural juices with potassium too. no more coffee or sodas!.

-Good herbs to prevent edema and reduce it

-These herbs reduce the damage or prevent edema to occur since they are diuretic.

-Dandelion, Parsley (see the parsley tea recipe), Horsetail, Cornsilk, Hibiscus, Nettle, Fennel Garlic.